We regret to announce that SeeSpeak Ltd is no longer trading.

We realise that this will come as a surprise and disappointment to our customers and supporters.

Ongoing changes to Skype, Android and tablet suppliers have made it increasingly difficult to keep SeeSpeak working.

Our aim was to make a videophone that was easy to use, afforable and widely available. We achieved this by adopting a technology strategy built on existing software platforms and readily-available, affordable, branded tablets. Unfortunately the technology on which we depended moved on with such a pace that we were unable to keep up with the resources we had available.

It was with heavy hearts that we came to the conclusion that the company was no longer viable and made the decision to cease trading. We expected that all the SeeSpeak tablets we had sold would carry on working after SeeSpeak Ltd closed down.

It came as a suprise when Skype released a major upgrade of their servers recently which changed certain features in Skype on which SeeSpeak depended. This resulted in SeeSpeak users being unable to sign in to Skype.

In response, volunteers have come forward who are keen to keep SeeSpeak working and are currently working on to a fix for these problems. As and when a solution becomes available a software update will automatically be sent to the SeeSpeak tablets.

An announcement will also be made via email, which you can sign up for below.

I would like to personally apologise to all who have invested into SeeSpeak either through buying our product or contributing their time or other resources. We have fallen short of what we aimed to deliver and we regret the frustration that this has caused.

Damian Helme, 31 Aug 2017.